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Colour is that special element that really showcases your beauty and style. Our experts practice colour techniques based upon the artistry of L’Oréal Professionnel. Thanks to technologically innovative products and shades inspired from the latest trends, your stylist will be able to fully reveal their talent while creating a look that’s guaranteed to make you smile! The different shades and nuances of our colour collections allow us to create a personalized colour to highlight your complexion.

All colour changes require a preliminary consultation in order to determine the time required for the appointment. During your consultation, we will help you find a style that does not compromise your hair quality. Following your colour, we recommend that you use colour-protecting and enhancing L’Oréal Professionnel and Pureology products.

For anyone planning on a major style change, we recommend that you have your hair cut a week before your colour appointment so that the colourist will be certain to apply your colour in the correct areas.

Colour, Myth and Reality

It isn’t true that colour takes better to dirty hair. This myth comes from the 1960s & 1970s, when colour products were comprised of more harmful chemicals. Back then, clients were advised to not wash their hair beforehand so as to not irritate their scalp.

Today’s high-tech colour products are much gentler than before. Your hair doesn’t need to be dirty. In fact, it is easier for your colourist to apply and position colour on clean hair!


Prices do not include styling and vary according to colourist experience.

Basic colour 55$+

Overall colour* 75$+

Glossing** (in chair) 70$+

Glossing (at sink) or toner 25$+

Ammonia-free INOA colour 70$+


Foil Highlights

Framing 75$+

Partial (half head) 100$+

Full (full head) 120$+

Ombre effect*** 120$+

Colour removal 85$+


Base 75$+

Overall 95$+

Decolorant oil 65$+

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

One vial 25$

The B3 Brazilian Bond Builder treatment helps to re-attach and build the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex of your hair during the colour process. No extra time is needed.

*Colour implies a permanent colour treatment that completely camouflages white/gray hair. It is not possible to lighten coloured hair by using the same colour process. To lighten already-coloured hair, a colour remover or a decolorant must be used.

**Glossing is a semi-permanent colour treatment that fades away  gradually with washing over the course of 6- 8 weeks. This colour does not leave roots, nor does it cover white/gray hair.

***With ombre, hair ends are lighter than the base, as if they have been exposed to the sun (a sun-kissed effect). This colour treatment requires a minimum amount of maintenance. It is recommended to have your hair cut before proceeding with an ombre effect colour.