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We love to cut!

It’s through cutting that our profession really flaunts its artistry. After all, your hairstyle is your everyday accessory, so we make sure to give you a styled look that not only suits your lifestyle, but also your styling habits. Strand by strand, we sculpt the intricate details of your new look according to the shape of your face, natural texture and facial features.

On the day of your appointment, style your hair the way you normally would so as to allow our stylists to really see what they are working with. A little tip from the pros: forget the ponytail ot the bun…that way, we can fully evaluate your hair during the consultation.

It’s important to us that you understand how to style your own hair, each and every day. That’s why we love to share our techniques and product knowledge for both care and styling. It would be a pleasure to review your hair care kit with you so that when you leave, you are equipped with all the new products and tools suited to your new style.


Prices include shampoo and style.

Women’s cut

Junior stylist 50$+

Level 1 stylist 55$+

Stylist 65$+

Master Stylist 80$+

Men’s cut

Junior stylist 35$+

Level 1 stylist 35$+

Stylist 40$+

Master Stylist 50$+

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