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The Fusio-Dose treatment from Kérastase is a local B favourite. With five instant boosters and 4 deep hair treatment concentrates, it delivers immediately visible results and can target a combination of hair care needs, from radiance to nourishment to strength to density. Not only do you see and feel the difference right away, but results last for up to 10 shampoos thanks to Fusio-Dose microtechnology that allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the hair.

Fusio-Dose is an absolute must for anyone who wants to let their hair grow. We recommend using Kérastase products from the same treatment line afterwards, to prolong the effects at home.

Pro Fiber

Pro Fiber represents a new generation of revolutionary, long-lasting and reactivating hair care. This treatment can repair and reconstruct damaged hair. Once the in-salon regeneration has been completed, you can reactivate the treatment at home with the appropriate line of products for your individual level of hair damage. To extend in-salon results for up to six weeks, we recommend using a re-charge treatment in place of your usual Pro Fiber conditioner after every fourth shampoo. In salon, the Pro Fiber treatment must remain on your hair for approximately five minutes.

In-salon treatment 35$

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

The B3 treatment revolutionizes colouring, bleaching and all other chemical, mechanical and thermal techniques that damage hair. Quite simply, it guarantees the health and beauty of your hair! Silicone and oil-free, this treatment is added to your colour formula. It helps to re-attach and build the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex of your hair, dramatically reducing breakage while improving your hair’s overall integrity. Thanks to B3 Brazilian Bond Builder, you no longer need to compromise hair health for colour!


25$ per vial

Dia Light Transparent Radiance Treatment

This ammonia-free, semi-permanent colour treatment is applied to wet hair at the sink. Its acidic pH technology, similar to hair’s natural pH, provides luminous tones without affecting natural colour or damaging hair. It produces a resurfacing effect on the hair fibre and gives hair a glossy, vinyl shine. It can stay on hair for up to 20 minutes.


25$+ depending on the quantity used


This revolutionary pro-keratin enriched treatment from L’Oréal Professionnel delivers impeccable, ultra-fast straightening that lasts for up to 3 days. An exclusive pro-keratin smoothing cream is first applied to towel-dried hair, which is then quickly blown dry. Once completely dry, we use a steam iron with anodized ceramic plates to deliver a localised stream of high-pressure steam gently over the hair.

The steam opens up the hair cuticle, allowing the pro-keratin to penetrate deeply within the hair shaft, and the ceramic plates then close the cuticle for a high-gloss finish. Your style resists humidity and your hair is easier to manage for longer, even after several shampoos, because it retains the pro-keratin for a longer period of time. This treatment is recommended for thick, frizzy and unruly hair. A home version of the Steampod is also available for purchase for $300.