Alexandra Bedard Hillman


Alexandra has always been passionated by arts, and so hair coloring was an evidence for her. She first taught haircoloring, then worked on photo shoots and now is part of the team Local B. A need of change ? Not happy with your actual color ? Her gift for color will please you for sure !

Ever thought of braids ? They give you two different looks ! While you have them, and when you take them off, if your willing to try, ask for Alexandra.

What is your signature look ?

I have very extremes looks, from the most natural to the most exentrics, but my favorits are balayages.

What do you love about your job ?

Human contact for sure, and making art in your hair !

Blonde, Brunette or redhead ?

Blonde !

Fav celebrity hair ?

The model Rosie Huntington and Alison Mosshart (The kill’ singer), witch shows my extremes tastes.

Three products you can’t live without ?

The shampoo Shine Blonde from L’Oréal for a perfect blond, Essence Absolue cream by Shu Emura for hydratation and shine and Ciment Thermique by Kérastase to keep an healthy mane.