Linda Lapointe

Co-Owner of local B and Administrator

An entrepreneur to the core, Linda has led a number of successful business ventures, ranging from heading a production company and recording studio to operating in the restaurant industry and even working as a personal fitness and lifestyle trainer. Then one day, kismet struck: she met a certain master hairstylist named Véronique Beaupré. Given the women’s shared entrepreneurial spirit and drive, it was professional love at first sight! From this match made in heaven emerged the award-winning local B salon, recipient of the prestigious NAHA 2015 North American Salon of the Year title as well as top honours at the Contessa 2016 Gala.  Today, Linda deftly manages all salon operations, attacking it all with her keen business savvy and boundless energy! Professionally, Linda and Véro hit a perfect balance: one shines with artistic talent while the other excels at salon management, making it no wonder that local B has catapulted to the top of all North American salons.