Marium Bawa (Mimi)

Hairstylist and Colorist

Having cross-cultural experience since 2001, spanning Montréal, Toronto, New York and Vancouver, Mimi picked up a variety of trends and strong techniques along the way, while working with global leading brands to boost her versatility with hair, she is known for her ability to personnalize her colors and cuts to compliment a great look that’s easy to wash and wear for any occasion. Styling hair is play time taken seriously !

What is your signature look?

I love long layered wavy looks

What was your first contact with hairstyling?

Taking my Barbie and thinking ”Way too much hair” so I chopped it off and moved to the next toy.

Blonde, brunette or redhead?

Brunette of course !

What do you love about your job?

Listening to my clients. It’s always a human privilege to connect, be it over hair or life, I love being given that space to transform what’s needed to help my client look and feel their best every time we meet in my chair, a truely inspired Art form.