Olga Kotova


Arrived from Russia in 2013, Olga is passionnate by hair coloring and hair styling since she is 15 years old ! Very attentive to your needs, you can definetly trust her to obtain the result you have in mind !

What is you signature look ?

The thing I like to do the most is definetly Highlights ! I love the dimension it gives to hair, and all the nuances we can get.

Why Local B ?

I wanted to work with the best team, to always give the best of myseft. I saw that Vero and then Mathieu owned the Contessa price many time so I started following them and they became real inspiration to me.

What was your first contact with Hairstyle ?

When i was young my mother signed me in for a hair school summer camp and I loved it !! So few years later, when it was time for me to choose my future job, my brother applied to hairschool for me and that was it, never stoped since !

What do you love about your job ?

To create, to meet, to help people to see the best of themself, that’s what I love.

Blond, brunette ou redhead ?

Blonde !!